Friday, September 4, 2009


Alvin has had a rough little day today.

He had planned a lunch date with three other friends. The location was to be one of their regular haunts for lunch dates in the area - Hungry Jacks. It was arranged that the friends would either call or come by and pick him up.

Alvin woke earlier than his usual waking hour. He waited. He waited some more. The time that he expected to be picked up came and then slowly passed. He grabbed his phone and called one of his friends. He discovered that they had just eaten their Whoppers and Junior Burgers and Stunner Deals and were on their way to Southland. Heartbreaking.

Alvin asked them to pick him up on the way. They agreed but warned they were going to beep twice and leave the motor running so he had to be quick. Minutes later Alvin heard the two beeps but found his driveway empty. He called again and was told that they had stopped and waited but he took too long. He hadn't, he was nothing but swift. There was laughing in the background of the phone. The honesty of the statement was questionable.

Alvin stood in his driveway alone. He stared hard at his phone and wondered what he had done to deserve this treatment from his friends. Back inside he sat bored. Not even pwning noobs on Call of Duty could cheer him up. Something needed to be done.

First - he organised a lift from another friend to Nando's.

Second - he started plotting his revenge.

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