Monday, October 18, 2010

We Are Nowhere and It's Now

It was Sunday night last night. All over Australia people in their early 20s were doing the same thing.

"What's that?" You ask.

"Homework?" You ask.

"Drugs and sex, and and and and life and creativity and all the brilliant things born to youth?" You ask.

No. Facebook-chat-in-front-of-bad-Sunday-night-television is what captivated Australia's future last night. Alvin was no exception.

"Four facebook chat windows open." Said Alvin over Facebook chat.

"And every one of them is talking about Offspring."

Offsping is an Australian show where an average white nurse, unlucky in love, looks for love. We watch it in droves and embrace the mediocrity put before us. A generation of this-will-do.

Well, Alvin had had enough.

"I'm going to go play Call of Duty and regain my penis." He said.

God bless Alvin, he may save our generation yet.

1 comment:

  1. I fucking hate that show, I can't believe there were possibly 4 Facebook chat windows open simultaneously talking about it.