Monday, September 21, 2009

Alvin Anonymous

I haven't made a post for Alvin in a while - I've been busy trying to think of a new name for him. Currently Alvin is his real name. (This has just been edited 19/10/09 - Alvin may or may not be his real name)

I made the mistake of telling his brother about the blog who in turn tried to show Alvin's parents (they couldn't find it though). This is bad news for Alvin because as you may or may not have worked out, Alvin is a coked up slut when he's not in his parents home, a real modern Australian scum-bag. 

I need a name that suits him but is still as generic as Alvin. I was thinking Max but I'm unsure, I need to get on to it soon, before Alvin's dark secrets reach his family and he has to move to .... somewhere. I don't know where that somewhere is but I suspect it is cold, dark and lonely. Like Chadstone.

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