Thursday, September 3, 2009

A bad joke

Last night Alvin told me a story which turned out not to be true because it was a joke. Sometimes jokes are performed this way by clever people. Alvin is very clever. The story went like this:

'I was on the train today and when I got off a muslim guy dropped his wallet and I grabbed it. I go, "Oi mate, here's your wallet," and he goes "Wow, thanks a lot, most people wouldn't give it back. Cause you're so nice I'm gonna give you some advice. Whatever you do don't go to Frankston next Saturday." And I go, "Really?" And he goes, "Yeh, 'cause it's a shit hole!'"

I didn't find it funny. I was too engrossed in the story, I believed every word and then he pulled it away from me, turning it into a poor joke making fun of our South Eastern neighbours. When I didn't respond with laughter Alvin said, 'Fuck you.'

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